200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready to become your best you? Holistic Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Training. Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals

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200 hour Yoga Teacher Training


4 - 6 November 2022
3 - 4 December 2022
14th - 16th January 2023
10 - 12 February 2023
4 - 5 March 2023
1 - 2 April 2023
29 April - 1 May 2023
2 - 4 June 2023
7 - 10 July 2023 (RETREAT)


Sacred Space Yoga
33A Swiss Road, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS23 3AY


£2,400 - £2,550

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200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is a way to reveal the most radiant, confident, skilful version of yourself, as well as being a professional qualification. Whether you want to become a yoga teacher or deepen your practice of yoga, our holistic 200 hour yoga teacher training will provide you with all you need. The experience will be life-changing. 

All of our tutors are highly experienced and influential in their fields, and will be able to give you the attention that you need in a group no bigger than 10 trainees. The Yoga by Nature teacher training approach is holistic and mindful, giving you a thorough grounding in all aspects of yoga, not just the physical practice.

On graduating from the course, you will understand the broader context of yoga and the yogic life as well as the detail of asana instruction, and you will be able to teach from your own integrated experience. This is an opportunity to vastly expand your knowledge and develop the knowhow to successfully launch your yoga teaching career.

This course is suitable for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience of yoga. Not everyone who does a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is looking to teach, but if you are, this course will give you the best start you can get.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ's here and find out why you should choose this course. 

The course takes place at Sacred Space Yoga, Weston's beautiful city-centre yoga studio. 


Our holistic yoga teacher training course is an in-depth study of holistic Hatha yoga and its roots, interwoven with Mindfulness. We give you the detail of asana instruction whilst encompassing all the many other facets of yoga practice. Morven is informed by the most up to date research into yoga's history and development, to give you the most lucid insights possible into the meaning of yoga. 

You are encouraged in our programme to develop your own interoception and intuitive alignment, using general instruction as a guideline for mapping out your own interior landscape. This somatic approach ensures that you will teach from your own embodied experience and with authenticity and accuracy. 

We know that yoga is a huge subject, and that there is only so much you can fit into a foundational training like this one. It's important to us to offer you a first-hand experience of all that yoga has to offer. We provide detailed insights into the application of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, kriya and meditation. You will also learn appropriate adjustments and delve into an experiential and theoretical exploration of the anatomy and physiology of yoga. A holistic programme embraces the all-encompassing nature of the yogic path; you will study applied yoga philosophy, learn how to life the yogic life and do modules in Ayurveda and Mindfulness. `


Weston-super-Mare is a bustling North Somerset seaside town with a blossoming wellness culture and excellent links to Bristol, London, Birmingham and the South West.

Sacred Space Yoga, where the yoga teacher training will take place, is situated in the heart of the city, only 10mins walk from the train station which serves Bristol and Taunton with several trains per hour.

By train

From Weston, it's a 20 min train ride from Bristol Temple Meads, 30mins from Taunton or Bath and under 2 hours from London Paddington. 

By bus

Weston also has excellent bus links to the whole of North Somerset, Somerset and South West, with the main bus exchange being only 5 mins walk from Sacred Space Yoga. It's about 30 mins to Bristol on the bus from the town centre. 


There is plenty of reasonably priced Airbnb accommodation close to the town centre and the beach, with several local guest houses also offering B&B. 


We will close the course with three nights on retreat. Being on a yoga retreat allows you to fully immerse yourself in the contemplative life, away from all of the distractions of daily life. 

On retreat, you are open to fully integrating the teachings of yoga and forming an embodied understanding of yoga in action. The retreat provides the setting for your graduation ceremony and the close of this chapter of our journey together.

Food and accommodation will be payable separately and will come to approximately £220

Syllabus / Modules

Module 1 - Techniques.

Detailed application of basic Hatha yoga postures, pranayamas and other Hatha yoga practices. Deconstructing poses from all groups e.g. forward bends, back bends, twists, balances, sitting and standing poses. Assists and adjustments.

SYT hours: 100

Module 2 - Practical experience of teaching asana.

Adjustments and assists. Begin teaching in partners, then to the group and work up to teaching a public class for your final practicum.

SYT hours: 8 Self-study and practice 5

Module 3 - Applied anatomy and physiology

Study and embodied learning of yoga anatomy and an overview of body systems with reference to yoga practice.

SYT hours: 6 Non SYT 10 Self study and presentation 10

Module 4 - Yoga philosophy and history, with specific reference to seminal yogic texts. The four paths of yoga – bhakti, jnana, raja, karma. 

SYT hours: 15 Self-study and presentation 6

Module 5 - An introduction to Mindfulness

Develop your own practice and weave Mindfulness into your yoga teaching.

SYT hours: 15 Self-study 2

Module 6 - Teaching methodology and sequencing

Approaches to teaching and understanding appropriate class progressions for various types of groups. Class management and creating a student-centred environment.

SYT hours: 18.5

Module 7 - Yoga lifestyle and nutrition

The yogic life including cleansing methods and the sattwic (pure) diet. Compare with Ayurveda, yoga's sister science.

SYT hours: 8 Non SYT 3

Module 8 - Yoga business

Learn how to set up your class, nurture links within the yoga community and market your business effectively.

SYT hours: 3 Non SYT 2 Self study/ group study 4

Module 9 - Ethics

Considerations of the many facets of maintaining a high standard of ethics in teaching and in business. Best practices when dealing with clients, studios, media, fellow teachers.

SYT hours: 7.5


You can choose to spread your payments over 6 months. Here's how it works:

Early Birds

If you book before the early bird deadline, 1st May 2021, you will pay a deposit of £600 upon acceptance to the course.

On the 1st day of the month your training starts you will begin paying £300 per month for 6 months. e.g. If your course begins in November, you will pay £300 on the 1st November and continue to pay on the 1st of the month with the final payment being in April the following year.

Full Rate

If you book after the early bird deadline, 1st May 2021,  you will pay a deposit upon acceptance to the course. Choose the £300 or £750 deposit option (if you choose £300 your payment plan duration will extend to the following June with the final two payments being £225)

On the 1st day of the month your training starts you will begin paying £300 per month for 6 months. e.g. If your course begins in November, you will pay £300 on the 1st November and continue to pay on the 1st of the month with the final payment being in April the following year.


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Postural Hatha yoga, relaxation and meditation.

A group check-in to set the intention for the day ahead.

Asana, pranayama, kriya, bhanda, mantra, mudra, meditation.

Anatomy in action & applied philosophy, lifestyle and ethics. 

A chance to nourish, relax and refresh together.

Yoga on and off the mat, sequencing, postural applications.

Teaching & practice with peers in small groups.

Space to share and meditate


Are you ready to become your best you?

Reveal the most radiant, confident, skilful version of yourself, as well as
gaining a professional qualification. 

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"This course was one of the most powerful and empowering experiences of my life. I found the holistic approach enlightening and thought provoking and I felt very supported in exploring some big topics and ideas for myself. While I now feel confident to teach yoga, this course hasn’t just facilitated an ability to teach yoga; it has truly developed a bedrock for my whole life."

Jess - 200 hour training graduate