General FAQ's

About Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

How can yoga & meditation help me?

  • Yoga and meditation can help with stress, anxiety, insomnia, obesity, stiffness, injury, asthma, backache and many many more things. It is a way to uncover real health and wellbeing which is hardwired into the body from the beginning.

What is Hatha Yoga?

  • Hatha yoga means the physical practice of yoga which is postures, breath work and relaxation. There are thousands of yoga postures, all designed to strengthen, stretch and detoxify the muscles, organs and other tissues of the body and to make sure that all the body's wonderful systems are working optimally.

Can anyone do yoga?

  • As there are so many postures to choose from, there will always be suitable poses and modifications for you regardless of what you think you can or can't do. The simple answer is, absolutely anyone can do Hatha yoga. I have worked with people from age 3 to 83 at every level of physical fitness, including those with cancer, ME, COPD, frozen shoulder and chronic pain.

What is mindfulness and meditation?

You will be introduced to short 5-10 minute mindfulness meditations such as mindfulness of the breath and the body scan which is a lying down meditation. Meditation will be presented in an accessible way which is doable for everyone. There is nothing mystical about meditation, it's just simply paying attention.

What is Gentle yoga?

Gentle yoga is a slower paced, less physically challenging version of a mainstream Hatha yoga class. It is based on the poses of Hatha and incorporates all of the stretches and strengthening work needed to make it a complete yoga practice for health, strength and vitality. We move gently and mindfully and pay attention to the breath. Morven has years of experience working with seniors and those recovering from illness and injury. Gentle yoga is a good start for you if you are looking for a therapeutic movement programme and relaxation tools.

What is Restorative yoga?

Restorative Yoga is a relaxing, meditative approach often using props such as blankets and bolsters, supporting the body to gently release as opposed to actively stretching. Sometimes we will be flowing through mindful movement with the breath, sometimes the postures are sometimes held for periods of a few minutes. Being physically held in the posture and rocked softly by your breath allows muscular and emotional tension to evaporate, leaving you feeling clear and with a sense of heightened wellbeing. Suitable for those who are interested in improving body awaress and in benefiting mainly from the stress-reducing effectsof yoga practice. Bring a mat, blanket, cushion, belt and a yoga bolster if you have one.

What will we be doing & what are the benefits?

We will usually start off with seated or lying poses, move to weight bearing and standing poses, and finish off with mat-based stretching and strengthening. When the postures are done mindfully there is another added benefit - we develop focus, self-knowledge, release blocked emotions like stress, anger and fear from the body and we are able to make friends with the body. Although doing postures can help you to tone up and lose weight, It's not about changing the way you look, it's about loving the way you are. Through breath work and relaxation we can develop a sense of calm, ease and well being. In every session we will practice mindful breathing and try breathing techniques designed to improve respiration and induce a sense of calm, steadiness and well being. The session will end with a guided relaxation where you release unnecessary effort and stress from the body and mind.

What shall I wear and what should I bring?

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you feel good in and can easily stretch in. Layer up so that you can remove layers when you warm up and then get cosy for the relaxation.
  • Due to Covid 19, you are required to bring your own equipment. Bring a yoga mat - I recommend the YogaMad website for their equipment. You may also want to bring a yoga block, belt and a blanket.

What Covid-19 measures are you taking?

Please read about how we are helping to keep you safe and secure here.


Where are your in-person classes held?

  1. Victory Hall,
    Westfield Rd, Uphill, Weston Super Mare, BS23 4XG
    See on Google maps here
  2. Hans Price Sports Centre Dance Studio (at Hans Price Academy),
    Marchfields Way, Weston-super-Mare,BS23 3QP
    See on Google maps here
  3. Weston Museum,
    Burlington Street, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1PR
    See on Google maps here
  4. Healthy Living Centre,
    68 Lonsdale Avenue, Bournville, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 3SJ
    See on Google maps here

The legal bits

Do you have a privacy policy and terms and conditions?

Yes we do. Please feel free to take a look at both here: Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditons

Classes, Courses & Memberships

Tell me about Private / One to One Classes

Morven has worked extensively on a one to one basis with clients who want to begin yoga or advance their existing practice. She has helped people with cancer, COPD, ME and severe injuries to overcome limitations through their yoga and mindfulness practice. Use the contact form below to enquire for further details and book your class.

Tell me more about the 'Class Pass' options

4 Class Pass (Saturdays only) - Online & In-person Save money and effort by purchasing a class pass for Saturday morning Yoga sessions at Hans Price Academy and on Zoom. Class takes place every Saturday 9.30 - 10.30am. The four-class pass costs £24 and gives you a £2 saving on the drop-in rate of £8. From your first visit with your pass, use your remaining sessions within three months. Make sure you book online so that the booking system can keep track of sessions used. +++++ 8 Class Pass (Saturdays only)- Online & In-person If you would like to come to class regularly but can't commit to paying monthly, a cheaper way to attend is to buy a class pass for. This gives you a saving of between £9 and £12 on classes. With the 8 class pass you can attend the weekly drop-in classes (see restrictions for the online option). See here for drop-in class details. Use your 8 sessions within 12 months. Pre-booking is essential

Tell me more about the 'Drop-In' options

For those of you who would like more flexibility, or if you just want to come and try out the class for a while before becoming a member, you can drop into any of the weekly classes. Pre-booking is essential as class sizes are limited. Morven teaches a variety of classes every week online and in and around Weston-super-Mare, including Hatha, Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Tell me more about Saturday Yoga membership

Attend Saturday morning Yoga classes at Hans Price Academy or online. If you attend weekly this means your Saturday Yoga class costs you just £5, a 40% saving on the in-person drop-in rate of £8, and you still save £1 per class if you're on the online plan! Your membership will automatically renew every month, so you don't have to worry about organising payment at all after initial sign-up. If you prefer to come less regularly to Yoga, take a look at the Saturday 4 class pass which is £24 and allows you to attend four classes within 3 months (£6per session).

Tell mem more about 'On-demand' (Bite Size) options

1 Week - On-demand (Bite size) The one-week BIte Sized pass gives you access to 2 x 30 min pre-recorded classes to do for one week in your own time. Classes are streamed through Vimeo. You will receive a link to all three of the week's classes on Monday and you can do them as may times as you like throughout the week. +++++ Monthly - On-demand (Bite size) The monthly Bite Sized pass gives you access to 2 x 30 min pre-recorded classes to do every week in your own time. Classes are streamed through Vimeo. You will receive a link to all three of the week's classes each Monday and you can do them as may times as you like throughout the week.

Tell me more about the courses you offer

Morven teaches regular courses in Beginners Yoga, Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health. Groups are kept to a maximum of 12 participants in the yoga course and 10 participants in the Mindfulness courses to ensure you receive the highest quality of teaching in a friendly and informal environment. Look out for the early bird offers on courses for those who book well in advance!

Tell me more about your monthly memberships

New Starters Yoga Membership - Online and in-person Thinking of trying out yoga? If you are new to Yoga by Nature you can sign up for a whole month of unlimited yoga at the Newbie's highly discounted rate. The Newbie pass is designed for you to try as many classes as you wish to without breaking the bank. Each class is valued at £6 - £8 and you can come to as many as you want! Choose from 5 weekly in person and online classes ​Online with Zoom: £10 In-person and online: £15 In-person classes take place at Hans Price Sports Centre, Victory Hall, Uphill and the Healthy Living Centre +++++ Monthly Yoga Membership - Online and in-person options (Including On-demand / Bite Sized Yoga) *NEW* Family and couples membership available If you come to yoga three times per month or more, this option makes your yoga class as cheap as £2-£3 per class and there are five weekly classes to choose from, plus two 30 min weekly classes to stream included in the all-inclusive membership! Set your membership to auto-renew, so you don't have to worry about re-enrolling. Here's what you get: Online membership: £22.50 per month. Access to five weekly online classes per month with Morven. Classes take place on Zoom and if you keep your video on you can receive personal guidance on your practice. ​All-inclusive membership: £30 per month. Access to all online and in-person classes plus two 30 min Bite Sized yoga classes to stream as many times as you like. In-person classes take place at Hans Price Sports Centre, Victory Hall, Uphill and the For All Healthy Living Centre. Couples membership: £50 per month Family membership (up to four family members): £80 per month

How much are classes

  • Drop-in prices vary between £5 and £9 and concessions are available to unwaged and senior participants. You can buy an 8 class pass for £48 or pay a monthly standing order of £25 for unlimited classes. Concessions are also available on a pay what you can basis.
  • You can book all classes via the Wellness Living website here.

I can't get to a class, do you have any online classes?

We sure do!

A little bit of yoga can have a huge impact on your week. Just 15 - 30 mins of yoga practice can completely turn you around if you are feeling stiff, tired, uninspired, sluggish or unmotivated. And, if you're already feeling great, it can keep you feeling great!
Bite Sized yoga is served as two 30 minute yoga classes per week, which are pre-recorded for you to stream through Vimeo. When you are signed up, you receive a link and password on Monday morning with the week's classes for you to practice along with as many times as you like. They fit perfectly into a lunch break, a pre-work workout or just to keep you tuned up between live classes.

What Coivd-19 measures are you taking?

Please read about how we are helping to keep you safe and secure here.