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Yoga by Nature: Retreats with Morven Hamilton - Accredited Senior yoga teacher and teacher trainer.


Handpicked, affordable and friendly retreats

Whether you're a complete beginner or avid yogi, our retreats offer a fully immersive experience to help you unwind, refresh and reconnect, in beautiful locations across the UK.

Re-treat yourself

Time to relax, restore and re-invigorate in handpicked, stunning locations

Our latest retreat offerings. Simply click the 'Read More' button for more in-depth information.

Sound and Silence Retreat - Exploring Resonance
April 30th 2023
WE ARE Yoga Retreat, Northern France
5th - 11th September 2023
£800 - £1400
Child's Pose

 Teacher Training 

 Be Your Best You  

"I found the sessions to be very powerful as it really opened me up emotionally and I found some deep themes came up so thank you for that! I think you are one of those yoga teachers which somehow goes very deep."

Katy (online)

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