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Yoga by Nature with Morven Hamilton - Accredited Senior yoga teacher and teacher trainer.


Mindful Hatha Yoga in Weston-super-Mare!

Join our friendly community yoga classes and yoga training in Weston-super-Mare. We teach Mindful Hatha Yoga for physical and mental flexibility and strength, specialising in Menopause and Post-Menopause Support

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Hi I'm Morven, Yoga teacher and trainer in Weston-super-Mare

Hi, I'm Morven, a Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and teacher trainer based in Weston-super-Mare. I created Yoga by Nature in 2010 as a yoga retreats venture that has blossomed and diversified over the years. We teach Mindful Hatha Yoga for physical and mental flexibility and strength, specialising in Yoga for Menopause and Post Menopause. Join our Facebook group HERE


 I've been doing yoga for three decades and I love it more and more every year.  I am passionate about sharing the benefits yoga  everyone and anyone who wants to give it a go.


Be part of our friendly local yoga community - join a beginners yoga course or advanced yoga classes in Weston and North Somerset. 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training courses and Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training. Yoga for Menopause, Senior's Yoga  - over 50s are most welcome.


You can attend classes in-person in Weston, online and on-demand. All the weekly yoga classes take place on Zoom and in our community venues in Weston-super-Mare. Our yoga classes are live-streamed with an option for playback and download, and available to attend face to face.

You will be welcomed into a yoga class regardless of your race, gender, age, experience or ability. I aim to be inclusive and make sure every body feels welcome. If there is more I can do to get it right, please let me know - I would love to hear from you.  

Morning Yoga Programme

Ten 30 minute classes. Stream, or download and keep

Yoga Weston-super-Mare
200 hr yoga teacher training
Yoga Class Memberships

Online & in-person

Yoga Weston-super-Mare
Unlimited Yearly Membership
Yoga Weston-super-Mare
Unlimited Online Membership
Yoga Weston-super-Mare
Newbie Unlimited
One Month Trial
Yoga Weston-super-Mare
Unlimited online
Monthly membership
200YTT course

"Having practiced yoga for a number of years with a variety of instructors, I was delighted to find Morven's 'Yoga and Mindfulness' course to welcome me back to practice after a long break. My physical and mental health improved massively, and her gentle but specific instructions of where to focus attention brought a depth of awareness to my breath and movements that I had not previously achieved. A highly recommended, accessible, knowledgeable and passionate practitioner."

Ellie - Bristol

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