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200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Weston-super-Mare: Meet the tutors

Our 200 hour Yoga teacher Training Takes place in-person in Weston-super-Mare. For almost two decades, we have been building relationships with highly-experienced, dedicated and heart-led teachers who are experts in their field of yoga study. I have hand-picked each of these very special guest teachers, many of whom I have been working with for over a decade and all of whom I trust to deliver the very best in their field. Well, I'll start with myself because it would be strange to leave me out.

Lead 200 hour YTT trainer Morven Hamilton

Morven Hamilton has been practising yoga since 1995 and training yoga teachers since 2011. She studied in Rishikesh, India with Yogrishi Vishvketu in the holistic Akhanda school of Himalayan yoga where she received 200 hour certification in 2008 and training to deliver 200YTT in 2015.

She lives and works in Weston-super-Mare where she is a dedicated student of yoga, updating her training continually with her teachers Tias Little, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Gary Carter.

Ranju Roy - author of Embodying the Yoga Sutra

Ranju Roy on the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Weston-super-Mare

Ranju Roy, co-author with Dave Charlton of our core text, Embodying the Yoga Sutra. Ranju joins us for a module on the course where he talks about the Sutras and what they mean for us as embodied beings in the 21st century. Ranju is a yoga teacher, artist and author of both EYS and Yoga as Pilgrimage.

He teaches with humour and humility, shining a light on the yoga sutras and how they can still be a guide for us.

Sarena Mason - Vedic chant

Sarena Mason, course tutor on the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programme in Weston-super-Mare

Sarena Mason teaches us vedic chant on our 200 hour course. She is a teacher with an incredible presence and a deep practice who leads us through the basics of vedic chant. Sarena makes the practice accessible, meaningful and fun, even with those for no experience of chanting.

Her highly experiential workshop even includes some sanskrit lessons where we learn to write a few words.

Sarena is a highly experienced teacher who teaches with warmth and clarity.

Tim Chalice - Introduction to Kirtan

Tim Chalice teaches on the 200 hour Yoga training in Weson-super-Mare

Tim Chalice has been leading Kirtan in and around Bristol and North Somerset for many years. I personally have been attending his kirtan since 2008 and there is noone quite like him. Based in Bristol, he comes to Weston-supre-Mare to lead this unique workshop designed especially for our 200 hour trainees.

His workshop on our 200 hour teacher training is a tour through Tim's heartfelt music and his relationship with spirituality, song and chant. He demystifies the practice of kirtan and explains the meaning of the sanskrit words used in the chants and the background to each one. Participants are invited to raise their voices in song with him and his hamonium. It's an uplifting and inspiring afternoon.

Haze Tillman - Accessible, Chair and Gentle Yoga

Haze Tillman, guest teacher on the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Weston-super-Mare

Haze Tillman, expert in yoga for seniors comes in to talk to us about how we can adapt poses for all bodies. Haze teaches chair yoga and gentle yoga classes around Weston-super-Mare as well as teaching on our 200 hour yoga training programme. In her all-day workshop, she explains how we can adapt the practices of yoga for those with even very limited mobility and invites the trainees to create yoga sequences with limitations in mind.

She always gets wonderful feedback for these sessions and inspires a lot of teachers to go and teach chair and gentle yoga.

Ali Gunning - Yoga of Sound

Ali Gunning, guest teacher on the 200 hour yoga training in Weston-super-Mare

Ali and I go back to 2011 when we met on a kundalini retreat in Rishikesh, India and were sharing a room. Since then we have become great friends and have collaborated yearly on retreats and training courses.

Ali, sound healer and gong practitioner, teaches from a place of deep commitment to practice and inner work.

Each year she travels from her home in Cornwall to join the teacher training group on retreat where she teaches a training on using sound in the yoga space, including singing bowls, drums, voice and gongs. She brings lots of instruments to play with!

Jenny Adams, Somatic Experiencing and Intelligent Cueing

Jenny is the newest addition to our teaching team. Jenny is a Franklin method somatics educator and coach, and has trained with Gabor Maté in compassionate inquiry. Jenny's fun, visual, experiential workshops involve lots of props including a bag of bones, a water pistol and a squishy ball. Also be prepared for some disco beats.

Jenny healed herself from chronic illness by learning to regulate her nervous system and develop interoception and she is now a highly skilled coach in the field of somatics.

I am so proud of all our tutors and the incredible contribution they make to the field of yoga and the movement for peace. I am so grateful that they give up their time to come and enrich our learning with their wisdom. Click the button below for full information about our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Weston-super-Mare.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Yoga by Nature at


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