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Ep 65. L1-2 60 mins Hatha Flow Yoga. Bring Life to Your Backbends

This is my final class at Bristol City Yoga. After 8 years of teaching Friday evenings I am moving on, to concentrate my energies in Weston Super Mare where I now live.

This class is focused on finding space and ease in backbends and twists, opening the shoulders and experiencing the might of the lungs in mindful movement.

You will need a yoga belt/ dressing gown belt/ cord/ scarf or similar.

We practice dhanurasana, locust, cobra, ardha matsyendrasana, shoulder stand (sarvangasana), a warrior sequence, prasarita padottanasana with a difference and all the usual suspects plus some fun made-up things.

This class is not for total beginners!

Contact me Morven Hamilton: info@yogabynature or check out the website:


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