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Ep 64 15 mins Yoga Nidra deep relaxation for body and mind.

Here’s a 15 mins practice for you. I recorded this at Bristol City Yoga at Friday evening’s restorative class with Bristol’s seagull population in chorus. A lot of the participants fell asleep during this, so it’s a chance for them to experience the full practice and also a good indication that it’s pretty restful!

Lie down somewhere you won’t be disturbed and just follow the voice. Have a pillow under your head and also put a rolled blanket or a bolster under your knees to lengthen your lower back.

You can always put this on your ipod/ dowload the app and listen to it during your commute too.

Due to popular demand I have not included any preamble on this recording.

I hope you enjoy this. If you would like to give any feedback or make any requests, please contact me at

To find out more about classes, workshops and retreats visit me here:


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