Back Care Workshop

Sort Out Your Back

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Back Care Workshop


Sunday 3rd July 10am - 12.30pm





£20 early bird/ £25 full price

An overview of the workshop

A 2.5 hour online workshop for anyone who would like to find freedom from backache, stiffness, compression, or improve  posture and prevent injury. We will take a brief look at the anatomy of the spine and pelvis and explore movement and breath work which support strength, freedom and flexibilty of the spine and the muscles that support it. You will learn exactly what your core is, and how to recruit key core muscles to create a functional balanced effort throughout the body which supports spinal freedom.

The format of the workshop will be as follows:

  • a brief presentation on how your back works

  • gentle warming-up movements

  • somatic experiencing of the spine and pelvis

  • gentle asana in all stations to establish the muscle memory for balanced and even distribution of effort

  • focused posture work

  • deep relaxation focused on the back muscles

In yoga the spine is seen as a sacred channel for the subtle energies. When your spine feels happy, you move with confidence, grace and strength through the world.


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"Morven's Restorative Sleep Course was amazing, it addressed my issues and then some! Morvens calm but clear nature was super relaxing but also informative, the class was very welcoming and her after care guidance was an added bonus. I can’t wait to try another class or workshop."