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We are here to support you in your physical and mental wellbeing through yoga, nutrition, mindfulness and community, whether you are in peri menopause, post menopause or just curious!

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In the ebook, I talk about:

👉 why mindfulness is so important through the big transitions 

👉the key practices to do to stay centred 

👉some mindset tweaks to make the process an empowering one.

Let's dismantle the old narrative about us and create our own!

We support you in Peri and Post Menopause with...

Weekly Yoga for Menopause

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Empower, Soothe, Space, Rest

Sleep at night and feel energised during the day


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Hi I'm Morven 👋, 

I'm a yoga teacher and trainer with over 16 years' experience teaching yoga. I am trained in Yoga for Menopause and committed to helping women feel better whatever stage of menopause they are at. I am here to help you be the strong, confident woman you are meant to be. 

Menopause is a huge transition that will change you - it's my mission to help you to make that a change for the better, because it can be! Did you know that most women report that they are happier after menopause than they were before? 

Self-care in menopause transition and into second spring is crucial - we can no longer take our health and wellbeing for granted. Join our community of like-minded women to chat, grumble, rant, learn, celebrate, move and sing our way into an empowered future 🧡

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