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The Labyrinth: Pilgrim, Pilgrimage and Road

Walking the labyrinth is a process of purgation (release), illumination (receiving) and union (returning). Take in a question, return with the answer.

In the sutras 3/17 Patanjali identifies the motivation for the pilgrimage: Confusion arises upon the superimposition of a word, its meaning and one’s ideas about it. – Mukunda Stiles.

We walk the labyrinth to achieve clarity and transformation, mirroring the inner journey of meditation.

As I approached the centre of Marinella’s labyrinth on retreat at Springhead this Spring, I could feel a release of some of the clutter that had been clouding my sense of direction.

Words, opinions, judgments and connotations are all vital tools to point us in the direction of the truth. However we need to let go of all of these things at some point and trust our intuition.

Walking the labyrinth


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