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10 classes especially curated to give you the best possible segueway into the afternoon. Lunch club classes will help to put a spring in your step as you head into the rest of your day. 


Every class is different - there's a mixture of flow yoga,  with a couple of slower classes thrown in for the downtime days. You'll explore breath work and there's always time for a short relaxation at the end. 


Each class is approximately 30 mins long. 


  1.  Lunchtime Flow
  2. Detox Yoga Practice
  3. Joint-freeing Yoga
  4. All-round Mover
  5. Get Wobbly
  6. Dance with the Breath
  7. Desk Job Flow
  8. Immunity Flow
  9. Digital Detox
  10. Length and Strength

Lunch Club #1

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