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Yoga for Cancer 

Simple and Safe
Yoga and Mindfulness for Pain 

Join live 29th May 2024 10am - 12.30pm or catch the replay

Pain is a physical/psycho-social event, and our understanding of it is still unfolding. What we do know is that painkillers are only part of the story of pain-relief.

Our experience of pain is to do with our body's response to harm but also our perception of that harm. It's our brain that decides how much pain we should feel. 


For example, did you know that a person's tolerance to pain rises considerably when they know that the pain is part of the healing process, as opposed to being indicative of a problem? 


In this workshop, you will learn:

👉 the physical, social and cultural backdrop which affects our experience of pain

👉 a variety of simple and easy-to-share techniques  which will help your client with cancer to manage their pain and discomfort.

👉 the basics of Mindfulness for Health - how to change your relationship with pain

Many of the techniques can be adapted for psychological difficulty as well as physical pain. The material is tailored towards cancer pain and can also be adapted for people with other painful conditions.

A course for yoga teachers and cancer care professionals. 

Catch the early bird - enter code SIMPLEANDSAFE to attend for only £23

with Morven Hamilton SYT, MA
Healing the Whole Person director and course creator

Hi I'm Morven. I am a yoga and mindfulness trainer and breast cancer survivor. I have worked in education for three decades and have been training yoga teachers since 2011. 

I specialise in working with people affected by cancer. Between 2010 and 2016 I worked as a course facilitator and yoga teacher at Penny Brohn Cancer Care in Bristol, UK. I created yoga programmes and helped people to live well with the impact of cancer. 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 and my healing journey continues. 

Today I work one to one with people experiencing complex needs following cancer diagnosis and I welcome people affected by cancer into my classes. 

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