Into Yoga Pre-Foundation Course

An in-depth, well-rounded yoga course for anyone serious about yoga

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Into Yoga Pre-Foundation Course


19th February - 23rd July 2022


Sacred Space Yoga
33A Swiss Road, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS23 3AY"


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Into Yoga Pre-Foundation Course

Delve deeper into yoga! This 30 hour course is available to anyone who has been doing yoga regularly for a year or more and is interested in taking their practice further, and finding out more about the broader context of yoga. 

The course includes modules in a broad spectrum of yogic disciplines and is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the context, technologies and practice of yoga. This course will not qualify you as a yoga teacher, it is intended as a way to deepen your knowledge and progress your yoga journey. For those interested in a yoga teacher training in the future, it's an excellent preparation for the 200 hour yoga teacher training course. 

Join your teachers Morven, Kerrina, Jenna, Marinella and Tilly in this foundational yoga journey. Yoga is 99% practice, 1% theory, so the course structure is very much weighted towards practice. Yoga has to be practised to be experienced. There will also be information sharing about the key concepts, methodology and rationales behind each facet of yoga.

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This course is to equip serious students of yoga with in-depth teaching to help them to further their yoga journey. Yoga is a huge and many-faceted subject which includes a life path, a philosophy, a health science, systemised movement and breath work, meditation and much more. In this course we aim to orientate the student within the many limbs of yoga so that he/she can understand the meaning of yoga and is able to develop a degree of autonomy in future practice. 


The course will run one Saturday per month 9.30 - 4pm. We will occasionally finish earlier, around 3.30pm. 

By the end of the course, you will have completed 30 hours of training 

Course dates and teachers: 

19th Feb 2022 - Morven Hamilton

19th March 2022 - Jenna Owen/ Morven Hamilton

23rd April 2022 - Morven Hamilton

21st May 2022 - Kerrina New

18th June 2022 - Tilly Ferrari / Marinella Benelli

23rd July 2022 -  Morven Hamilton

See Syllabus/ Modules section for more details


If you choose to do the entire 30 hour Into Yoga Course, you will receive certification of pre-foundation training. 

Syllabus/ Modules

19th Feb. 2022

Module 1 - Understanding asana.

Into Standing Poses, Back Bends and Twists

An in-depth look at how to progress your asana practice. Learn techniques and movement principles to unlock the basics and build towards more complex poses.This is a practice-based, experiential course which uses demonstration, inquiry and information sharing to guide you into your own discovery of how the body works.

Hours: 5

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19th March 2022

Module 2 - Into Vinyasa Flow and Pranayama 

Learn the guiding principles of vinyasa flow - movement and breath. Enhance your practice with a close look at how the discipline works and develop your ability under the guidance of an experienced teacher. You'll be guided through an intermediate vinyasa flow class to put it all into practice. 

In the afternoon we will look at pranayama - theory and practice (but mostly practice). You will learn the main yoga pranayamas and improve your awareness and understanding of your breath.

Hours: 5

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23rd April 2022

Module 3 - Into Yoga philosophy and meditation

An introduction to yoga history and philosophy in the morning. We will discuss the meaning of karma (action), ahimsa (non-harming) and some of the other yogic precepts in the context of our lives now. How can we live as yogis in the modern world and are these teachings relevant to us today?

In the afternoon we will take an experiential look at Mindfulness, the underpinning concepts and how we can take yoga off the mat in the form of Mindfulness practice. You will learn mindfulness meditation, and mindfulness in action. 

Hours: 5

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May 21st 2022

Module 4 - Into Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

A day of practice, discussion and exploring props for restorative yoga. You will learn the guiding principles of relaxation and rest, and how restorative yoga can calm the nervous system. Restorative yoga is a slow, meditative form of yoga which uses props to support the body into deep relaxation and healing.

The afternoon will be aerial yoga nidra in the hammocks with Kerrina, your aerial yoga teacher. Explore the powerful practice of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) in the cocoon of the hammocks.

Hours: 5.5

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June 18th 2022

Module 5 - Into Ayurveda / Yin and Yoga of Sound

Marinella Benelli will lead a morning workshop in Ayurveda - Yoga's sister science. Learn about your constitution (dosha) and find out how to balance your health and wellbeing using the wisdom from this ancient tradition. There will be Ayurvedic yoga practice, information sharing and discussion about your individual dosha and Ayurvedic health plan.

In the afternoon, Tilly will lead a workshop in Yin yoga and yoga of sound, finishing with a sound meditation using the singing bowls and voice. Yin yoga is a deep, slow style of yoga based in the wisdom of Chinese medicine. Postures are held for a minimum of 3 minutes to allow time for the ligaments to release. 

Hours: 6

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July 23rd 2022

Module 6 - Into Standing Poses, Forward Bends and Twists

A detailed look at asana techniques with Morven. Learn how to move safely and deepen your experience of the posture using the breath. We will play around with balances and look at how our focus and physical integrity affects our stability.

Morven will hold a closing circle to  finish the course in the afternoon.

Hours: 5.5

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Book individual workshops at £60 each using the links in the Syllabus/ Modules section . See above for January discounts of up to £125 per person. 


Example daily schedule

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Postural Hatha yoga, relaxation and meditation.

A group check-in to set the intention for the day ahead.

Asana, pranayama, kriya, bhanda, mantra, mudra, meditation.

Anatomy in action & applied philosophy, lifestyle and ethics. 

A chance to nourish, relax and refresh together.

Yoga on and off the mat, sequencing, postural applications.

Teaching & practice with peers in small groups.

Space to share and meditate


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"This course was one of the most powerful and empowering experiences of my life. I found the holistic approach enlightening and thought provoking and I felt very supported in exploring some big topics and ideas for myself. While I now feel confident to teach yoga, this course hasn’t just facilitated an ability to teach yoga; it has truly developed a bedrock for my whole life."

Jess - 200 hour training graduate