Women's Wellness Day

Yoga, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy for Women's Balance

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Women's Wellness Day


Sunday 31st July 9.30am - 4.30pm


Parklands Educate Together Primary, Russel Road, Locking, WSM, BS24 7NH


£55 early bird /£65 full price/ Couples/ friends pass £50 each

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An overview of the workshop

All women are welcome to join us for this day of learning, relaxing and sharing together. Morven, Amy and Erica are pooling their skills as yoga healer, nutritionist and hypnotherapist to offer you a fully comprehensive immersion in wellness and self-care.

The day will start with a hypnotherapy intro from Erica and lead into a Women's Yoga session to nurture the female form, with a focus on stress-reduction and pelvic health. Based on Hatha yoga, Women's Yoga includes spiralling, circular and flowing movement to honour our curves and respect the feminine principle which is strong yet yielding, dynamic and grounding. We will be focusing on calming anxiety with earthing practices and deep relaxation. 

Following this, nutritionist Amy Payne will give a talk on how to eat for hormone balance and calming anxiety. Amy is a registered Nutritional Therapist living in Weston super Mare, where she has her

clinic for in-person and online one-to-one consultations.

Amy is passionate about sharing her knowledge to promote wellbeing and carves her clients a path to wellness to help them achieve their health goals.

After lunch there will be a Q&A with Amy where you are invited to ask any questions you like about nutrition and taking charge of your health.

You will be invited to make one of Amy's Women's Wellness recipes in advance, which will be a part of a "soul bowl" we'll build and share together at lunchtime. You are of course welcome to bring your own individual lunch if you prefer.

Here are some words from Amy: "With a wealth of information at our fingertips, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be eating to nourish and support your body. I’m delighted to be a part of this special day, targeted at women’s health, to spend time with you discussing all things nutrition and lifestyle.  During our session together, we’ll take a journey to explore how you can achieve good hormone health and will also discover more about both the gut and vaginal microbiomes (your ecosystem of microorganisms) to support your overall health and mental wellbeing.  At the end of our time together, you’ll have clarity on what to eat which is supportive for your health and walk away with an information sheet with actionable steps so you can put what you’ve learnt into practice straight away."

After a restorative yoga session, Erica will then lead you in a hypnotherapy session. Erica is  a qualified life-coach and Hypnotherapist and her passion is helping you find your happiness programs and your fulfilment in life. 

Hypnotherapy can bring you self-acceptance, more freedom, self-esteem and control by changing the beliefs that limit you, in multiple areas of life and multiple programs that you have built in your life.

Coaching and Hypnotherapy is not only for when you are experiencing problems in your life. It can also be used to provide insight into other areas of your life that you may wish to manage better.

In Erica's words: 

"In Hypnosis, the body and mind assumes “a state of sleep”. Importantly though, you don’t actually sleep, like you do in bed. It is more like a combination of relaxation and focus. Your body goes into deep rest, whilst your brain actually becomes very alert. We all experience this natural state on a daily basis, for example just before we fall asleep, or getting absorbed in a film.

I will then, take you into a wonderful, relaxing hypnotic trance. During the session I will guide you with my words. You will hear everything I say and you will experience everything and remember everything.

Together we are going to positively “re-program” the unconscious part to improve and balance your daily energy levels you are currently experiencing, so you can maintain the changes you’ve made.

Remember, you are in charge of this!. You will leave energised, balanced, fully awake and in completely in tune with your own energy level. Not just on the day itself, but the result will be long lasting."


Early birds book before 17th July for your £10 discount. Booking is through the link above. 

Bring a friend and pay £50 each for the day. Choose Women's Wellness Friends at checkout. 

Day's schedule: 

9.30am    Hypnotherapy induction with Erica

9.45am    Women's Yoga with Morven

11.15am    Break (women's tea blends and nutritious snacks available)

11.30am   Women's Nutrition session with Amy

12.30pm   Lunch (bring a dish to share and build one of Amy's "Soul Bowls" - recipe given on booking)

1.30pm      Nutrition Q&A with Amy

2.30pm      Restorative yoga with Morven 

3pm             Break

3.15pm        Hypnotherapy with Erica

4.15pm        Questions and goodbyes

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"Morven's Restorative Sleep Course was amazing, it addressed my issues and then some! Morvens calm but clear nature was super relaxing but also informative, the class was very welcoming and her after care guidance was an added bonus. I can’t wait to try another class or workshop."