Winter Cheer Cosy Afternoon

An afternoon of feel good yoga designed to boost your energy and lift your mood

Cosy workshop series pass £35 includes Autumn Cosy and Winter Cosy


Winter Cheer Cosy Afternoon


Sunday 23rd January


Victory Hall, Uphill, WSM BS23 4XN


£20 early bird /£25 full price/ £35 for series pass

To book the series, choose Cosy Yoga Workshop Pass when booking

An overview of the workshop

An afternoon of feel good yoga designed to boost your energy and lift your mood as we move towards the final days of Winter. 

We will start with kriyas (cleansing breath work to clear stagnant energy and bring your energy up), set our intentions, then move into a gentle posture practice which will include standing poses, with a focus on confidence, openness and balanced energy. 

We will go on to do a heart opening restorative yoga practice to balance Kapha (earth/water) energy which reigns at this time of year. 

The afternoon will end with yoga nidra - inner journeying to find your joy, then pranayama (breath work), bandha (energy seals) and meditation.

You will learn how to balance your doshas (unique constitution) in your daily life, with the focus being on Kapha dosha in the Winter season.


£20 until 9th January then £25. Cosy series pass for two workshops £35

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"Morven's Restorative Sleep Course was amazing, it addressed my issues and then some! Morvens calm but clear nature was super relaxing but also informative, the class was very welcoming and her after care guidance was an added bonus. I can’t wait to try another class or workshop."