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Understanding Asana: Balances, Forward Bends and Inversions

The joy of absolute embodiment

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Understanding Asana: Balances, Forward Bends and Inversions


9.30 am - 4.30 pm 2nd July 2023


Parklands Educate Together Primary, Russell Road, Locking, Bs24 7NH



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An overview of the workshop

A look at how our focus and physical integrity affects our stability, both mental and physical. We will progress through core stabilising and forward bending towards key poses HEADSTAND and CROW POSE. For those of you who would like more, you will be able to practice HANDSTANDS, FOREARM STANDS and various ARM BALANCES too.

There is no expectation to do the full pose - this training will help you to understand the biomechanics of each pose so you can "build your own" and refine your continuing practice.

Yoga is the practice of self-knowledge, and one of the ways we achieve self-knowledge in yoga is through study of the body and how we live the experience of being in the body.

In order to move well, we need to learn how to leverage gravity, experiment with our own biomechanics and understand the breath as a key which can unlock both body and mind.

Learn techniques and movement principles to integrate the basics and build towards more complex poses in your own unique way.

This is a practice-based, experiential course which uses demonstration, inquiry and information sharing to guide you into your own discovery of how the body works.

This course is about going deeper into your practice, there is no expectation to do difficult, impressive postures. You will be encouraged to expand your limits no matter what stage you are at in your practice.


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