Restorative Yoga for Rest and Healing

This restorative yoga workshop takes us right into the heart of yoga.

Only kindness matters in the end


Restorative Yoga for Rest and Healing


15th August 2 - 4pm


Victory Hall, Uphill, WSM BS23 4XN



An overview of the workshop

This restorative yoga workshop takes us right into the heart of yoga. The physical and mental practices of yoga are designed to direct our energy back into our hearts. Why? because residing in the heart is the key to self-acceptance and healing. 

By practising kindness, compassion and self-compassion we can transform negative energy and destructive emotions into unconditional love and acceptance. Yoga is a way of harnessing the energy of our emotions and using them to transform ourselves. It is the great work of your life.

We will be doing yoga postures, breathing practices and meditation with the focus on seeking out the pleasant and observing resistant or negative thought patterns with compassion and non-judgment. The ultimate practice in this session will be Metta Bhavana (lovingkindness) meditation. We will also be practising Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) which is a practice designed to clear away unhelpful habits an beliefs, bringing you closer to your true self.

Restorative yoga is a slow, meditative style of physical movement, which helps to release stress and bring about ease in body and mind. The gentle, supported postures are held for up to 10 minutes with a focus on comfort and the subtle release of muscular knots and tight spots. We will be using bolsters, blankets, blocks and belts and anythigng you can improvise with at home to ensure that the body is supported enough to completely relax and let go. The stress of daily life accumulates in the body in the form of holding patterns and chronic tension.

When you encourage the body to release its held tension, stress begins to dissolve from the mind.


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"Morven's Restorative Sleep Course was amazing, it addressed my issues and then some! Morvens calm but clear nature was super relaxing but also informative, the class was very welcoming and her after care guidance was an added bonus. I can’t wait to try another class or workshop."