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Teach Yoga for Cancer 4 hour Foundation Course

You really can help people with cancer to live well

Foundations Yoga for Cancer Mini-Course

Yoga teacher training course Weston-super-Mare

Teach Yoga for Cancer 4 hour Foundation Course







Teach Yoga for Cancer 4 hour Foundation Course

Would you like to...

  • be able to share yoga safely and compassionately with people affected by cancer?

  • tailor your own yoga practice to the impact of cancer

  • learn the basics of mindfulness for health?

  • welcome cancer patients confidently into your classes?

  • skill-up - improve your yoga teaching and your CV?

  • get to grips with the deepest teachings of yoga?


The on-demand online course will give you a foundation in sharing yoga and mindfulness with people affected by cancer.

  • Become knowledgable about the basic anatomy and physiology of cancer

  • Get an introduction to the Healing the Whole Person teaching methodology

  • Learn how treatment can affect yoga participants

  • Learn how to adapt some common Hatha yoga poses for people affected by cancer

  • Get sequences that will help people suffering from common side-effects of treatment

  • Learn  mindfulness meditations specifically for people living with pain and illness.


Taking care to nurture all learning styles, the course is presented using a blend of video, audio recordings, Powerpoint presentation, text and audio transcript


The course comprises:

  • three short lectures with Morven on the impact of cancer, how to share yoga and mindfulness with people affected by cancer and the basics of mindfulness for health.

  • four practice videos on how to modify key yoga poses for cancer, and  sequences which help to relieve common side-effects caused by surgeries and treatment.

  • presentations outlining the basics of the Healing the Whole Person Approach

  • three mindfulness meditations and one yoga nidra for cancer including transcripts

  • support via email for any queries and concerns about yoga for cancer

Yoga for Breast Cancer

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Postural Hatha yoga, relaxation and meditation.

A group check-in to set the intention for the day ahead.

Asana, pranayama, kriya, bhanda, mantra, mudra, meditation.

Anatomy in action & applied philosophy, lifestyle and ethics. 

A chance to nourish, relax and refresh together.

Yoga on and off the mat, sequencing, postural applications.

Teaching & practice with peers in small groups.

Space to share and meditate


Are you ready to become your best you?

Reveal the most radiant, confident, skilful version of yourself, as well as
gaining a professional qualification. 

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"This course was one of the most powerful and empowering experiences of my life. I found the holistic approach enlightening and thought provoking and I felt very supported in exploring some big topics and ideas for myself. While I now feel confident to teach yoga, this course hasn’t just facilitated an ability to teach yoga; it has truly developed a bedrock for my whole life."

Jess - 200 hour training graduate

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