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EMBODIMENT: Inner Glow (Nervous system)

Sunday 26th November 2 - 4pm

  • From 15 British pounds
  • Uphill Victory Hall

Service Description

Your nervous system is the broadcasting service of the body; it feeds you information via your senses. Your nervous system is shimmering inner rivers and streams, it is tingles and glimmers. It is continually sparkling within you, even as the nights draw in and we lose light from the outer world. When we turn our attention inward and begin to follow the subtle energy pathways, the body gradually reveals the inner glow of sensation that can be felt throughout the strata of the body. This workshop is intended to give you a felt sense of your nervous system as it progresses from alertness into deep relaxation, away from ticking clocks and into the timeless space of the inner world. In yoga, we aim to balance the nervous system by activating the parasympathetic, or "rest and digest" mode which helps to bring us out of the chronic stress response that most people experience most of the time in the modern world. This has resulted in a demonising of the sympathetic nervous system - the alert mode which, when highly aroused, can become a fight or flight response. In reality, fight or flight is only one state of the sympathetic nervous system. You are in a sympathetic response now because you are reading this, so you are alert and analytical. Gentle flow, long-held restorative postures, soothing breath work and yoga nidra. Pyjamas welcome! We'll be at Victory Hall with candles, delicious healthy treats and warm tea or cacao. Equipment will be provided but bring cosy things like layers of clothing, cushions and blankets to snuggle in. Restorative yoga is more than just gentle stretching, it's the practice of befriending yourself and learning to navigate the rich and endless landscape of your inner world with curiosity, kindness and compassion. In our restorative practice, we will hold postures comfortably for between 3 - 10 minutes with gentle guidance from your teacher, Morven. The postures are supported with props like blankets, cushions, bolsters and pillows. The focus is on allowing the body and mind to gently release tension in comfort and ease. Equipment will be provided but do bring your own if you like.

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Contact Details

  • Uphill Victory Hall, Westfield Road, Uphill, Weston-super-Mare, Uphill, UK

    07938 889028

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