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Yoga and Creativity in France - is this retreat for you?

If you like yoga and France, then yes! Read on to find out more about our creativity workshops

"I have decided to come as it was the most nourishing experience I've ever had!" - returning guest

What do we mean by creativity and how will it be practised on the retreat?

At our Yoga and Creativity Retreat, no experience is necessary! 🌿 Whether you're a seasoned yogi or picking up a paintbrush for the first time, our retreat is all about exploring and having fun. Join a supportive community where everyone is welcome and celebrated.

Creativity is part of your humanity. There is nothing that sets "creative" people apart other than a label. How you connect into your own innate creativity is unique to you. Every decision you make to shape your own life comes from the wellspring of creativity within you. On the We Are retreat, you will be invited to explore your creativity in various ways in workshops with Gina. Gina is an experienced arts facilitator who will guide you into playing with various arts media - pen, charcoal, paint - in both the written word and mark making on paper.

Yoga and creativity retreat France

What happens in a creative workshop on the retreat?

Those who want to take part gather together after breakfast. First we reflect on our own barriers and self-limiting beliefs around being creative, then we make an affirmation that states our intention and banishes any fears about being "good enough". What we create is not meant to be "good", it's the experience of becoming absorbed into our imagination, or developing a new way of seeing, or exploring our inner world that matters.

After reflections, with Gina's guidance, we start to either draw, write or paint.

Drawing and painting

With drawing in painting, we are given guidelines and tips, and techniques that are accessible to complete beginners (like me!). Gina makes sure you are supported whether you are a novice or a skilled practitioner. You might draw a portrait or a still life, you might venture into the garden and paint a scene of your choice. Materials are provided and are typically pencils, charcoal, watercolour and all the brushes you need.


Gina's writing workshops are structured with prompts, which give you landmarks and allow you to pick and choose which parts to invest in. The prompt might be "what did you want to be when you were 7?", "Take 7 minutes to write a letter to someone you've been meaning to get in touch with" - it's surprising what comes out!


In the singing/ improv workshop, we will do some easy vocal warm ups and then sing simple, uplifting melodies together. The songs are led by Morven, and are mostly one line melodies which can be built up into layers of harmony with different groups singing together. After we've sung ourselves a bit high, Gina will guide us through some fun, collaborative games. It's not improv as in create a play! We all do it together and there's no pressure to "come up with something". It's an opportunity to tap into that childlike playfulness we all indulged in as kids.


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