• Morven Hamilton

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training FAQs

So you want to become a yoga teacher? I'm delighted to hear that. You won't regret it - whether you just want to deepen your practice or whether you want to teach as you sole career, a yoga teacher training will 100% change your life for the better if you let it.

Now you have made your decision, I bet you have loads of questions to ask. What will it be like? Will I get to know my course mates? Do I have to be uber bendy? What do you actually do on a yoga teacher training? This blog will give you answers to some of those questions, tackling the nitty gritty of what you'll be doing and with whom during your 200 hours teacher training.

1. How long will the days be?

Pretty long. We're getting 200 hours of training into just 9 weekends, so your day will start at 8am and finish at 5pm. We'll take a one hour lunch break in the middle of the day and have plenty of comfort breaks. We're not out to break you, and after all yoga is all about non-harming (ahimsa) so we try to look after you during your training day. Each weekend will run either Friday - Sunday or Saturday - Sunday and you can expect a pretty full programme during that time. Refer to the 200 Hour Training Further Details page for details of the daily schedule.

2. Will I get to know my course mates?

BFFs! If you have ever been through an intense, life-changing experience with someone, you know how binding the experience can be. You will find that your teacher training group becomes your yoga community and provides you with a support network as you go on this transformational journey. You will be able to share experiences, discuss new material and help each other along the way. Many people find that the people they meet on their 200 hour yoga teacher training course become friends for life and even future business associates. The wider yoga community is very supportive with local and national groups networking online. Whatever you need on your yoga journey, there is always someone there to help.

3. What support will be there for me outside of contact time?

Your tutors are there to provide support to you throughout this journey. You will be in email contact with your tutors, who you can contact with any questions or concerns about the teacher training course. We will have check-in time every day where you can raise anything that you need to, whether that's a question about material covered, a concern about the practical running of things. For more personal issues you can always get in touch with one of us and we will be there to help.

You will get feedback on all of your assignments and on the final practicum. Your tutors want you to succeed and will make time for you if you need to reach out.

4. But I'm not bendy!

Doesn't matter. Being bendy has nothing to do with yoga. Asana (posture) practice is a tiny part of the whole practice of yoga. In fact, you could say that not being bendy is an advantage as a yoga teacher because you can understand and relate to your non-bendy students so much better. If you effortlessly fold yourself in half the first time you attempt a forward bend, you are going to have a very steep learning curve to understand the way most other people's bodies work. Hatha yoga is about exploring the body-mind connection and playing with space and boundaries, whilst supporting optimum health. Being bendy really doesn't come into it, although it's a fun side-effect of practising regularly.

5. Will I get teaching experience on the course?

Yes, absolutely. You will begin teaching your peers during the techniques classes on the very first weekend of teacher training. We take an experiential approach to learning, which means you always learn by doing. In techniques class, you learn about the mechanics, alignment, benefits and contraindications of a pose and then teach it to your partner. You will then teach a pose or two to the whole group and in this way gradually build your confidence and your resources to teach a public class. In the meantime, set up your own little class of family and friends if you're not already teaching. It's the only way to become a better teacher. If you want to get some advance prep done, listen to some yoga podcasts and tune in very carefully to how the teacher cues the poses. It'll give you a head start in languaging your classes. Here's a link to Morven's free podcasts on the main website if you'd like to give them a try.

6. I'm worried about the assignments, how much guidance will there be?

Don't worry. You will receive plenty of preparation during session time, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your assignment. Each assignment will be clearly outlined for you and you will have a reasonable deadline by which to complete your work. There will be some group study time allocated to preparing assignments, and the rest of the work will happen at home in your own time. If you are ever struggling with the assignment itself or with your deadline then don't hesitate to talk to one of your tutors who will discuss your needs with you. We do want you to graduate and receive your final certification and we will accommodate you as much as we can. You must complete and pass all assignment work in order to graduate.

7. What will I do during lunchtimes?

Unless you prefer to do your own thing, we will share lunch together, each bringing a vegetarian or vegan dish to share with the group. This can be a great way to get to know each other and enjoy a sense of community during our training weekends.

8. Will there be a lot of reading to do?

As soon as you are enrolled on the course, you will receive your reading list and it's time to get started on your pre-course reading. This will give you a tremendous advantage when doing the course so you can devote your energy to the current work rather than catching up on the set texts. You will read versions of the Sutras, the Baghavad Gita, The Hatha yoga Pradipika and a text each on ethics and anatomy.

9. Is this for me?!

If you are prepared to work hard, be honest with yourself and turn up with an open mind every time, then yes, it could be. Read the blog post on Is it really for me?

Good luck! I hope this post has helped you to come to the right decision, and if you are already enrolled, has helped to clarify a few things for you. If you have any questions, contact Yoga by Nature on info@yogabynature.org.