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Santosha - 

online retreat


Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July

£25 until 30th June then £30

Couples/ friends ticket £40

Santosha means contentment...

                                                                    ...In yoga, it is one of the time-honoured practices we do to create a peaceful, happy life and it is the theme of our summer weekend retreat, which will take place on Zoom. Santosha does not mean that we can't try to bring about change for the future, it is an acceptance of this moment exactly as it is. 

As we cannot be together in person to practise yoga, I have created this online event for you as a way for us to make time for the important things: deep rest, conscious movement, setting intentions and being with what is in a way which nourishes acceptance and joy. These simple things bring us closer to santosha. When we are in santosha we understand that there is no lack and that we have everything we need for a full and happy existence.

“Be content with what you have. Rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” – Lao Tzu

This online retreat will take place over a weekend and will involve two yoga sessions, a morning meditation and a sound bath with Ali Gunning.


Prior to the retreat you will receive, by post, your own retreat kit which will include some small but beautiful things to hold in your yoga space for the weekend and which will keep us connected in spirit. 


The offerings of the weekend are as follows: 

Saturday 18th July 8 – 10.30am Yogalab with Morven

 A dynamic morning practice of discovery which will include meditation, mantra, setting intentions and all the other delicious ingredients of a yoga class, ending with the deeply restful practice of Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep. Morven weaves poetry and music into her teaching to create a richly textured fabric of experience. The focus will be on mapping the inner and the outer spaces to co-create a fluid, intelligent integration of body, mind, breath, earth and space. Moving through playful sequences, we will discover the simple joy of the body in motion. You are encouraged to experiment and play to find your own unique alignment and expression of posture.

Sunday 19th July 8- 8.45am - Meditation and mantra with Morven

We will meet for a shorter session on Sunday morning for guided meditation together, consolidating intentions and setting the tone for a peaceful day.

Sunday 19th July 1.30 – 3.45pm Restorative yoga and gong with Morven and Ali

Think slow…..Sunday afternoon’s session will be restful, with restorative yoga poses and guided relaxation. We will explore the relationship between breath and gravity, body and earth, moving towards a long guided relaxation and yoga nidra. Ali Gunning, sound therapist and yoga teacher will lead a sound bath with gongs, crystal bowls, voice and more which will take you on a journey deep into your consciousness to a place of healing and restoration. Ali’s sound baths are an experience not to be missed. Read more about Ali here

How to join:

  • Sign up to the event through the booking system - click the Book Now button below

  • The day before the event, you will receive instructions on how to join via Wellness Living

  • You will also receive further information by email, including information about using Zoom and making the most of your sound bath with Ali

  • On the day, close the doors, put on some clothes you feel really good in, surround yourself with things that make you feel good e.g. flowers, essential oils, music, favourite objects and prepare to nurture yourself

  • Have props handy such as a mat, blocks or books, belt or scarf, cushions, pillows

Morven is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Contact Yoga By Nature -

Morven Hamilton: 07938 889028

14 Kensington Road, BS23 3QS