Mindfulness for Stress

A four-week introduction to the theory and practice of mindfulness for stress.

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Mindfulness for Stress




Victory Hall, Uphill, WSM BS23 4XN


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About the course

Mindfulness is all about making choices

Sometimes referred to as the practice of "Showing up to your life", it enables the practitioner to make empowered decisions about how to respond to the events and situations that life throws at us, and the complex inner experiences we all have. As Jon Kabat Zinn states in one of his books - "You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf" (Wherever you go, there you are).

This Mindfulness for Beginners course is designed to give you a short but meaningful and practical introduction to mindfulness, meditation and the theory that underpins it all. 

Based on a Buddhist world view, a mindful life is one lived with an open and ready mind; a mind that knows it can change only itself and not the circumstances of the immediate present. 

This outlook can help us to relieve the effects of stress and internal conflict and free up our mind to see things as they really are rather than as how we think they should be.

The Meditations

Each week you will learn new guided meditations and habit-releasing practices which we will practice as a group. You will also have access to online resources to help you to practice at home. 

The practices include lying down body scan meditation, seated (or lying) guided mindfulness meditations and mindful movement. There is plenty of time given for you to discuss and share your experiences as a group.

The aim of this course is to give you the tools to create a more mindful, more peaceful life for yourself.

  • Recognising the primary and the secondary experiences - "your story"

  • What we resist persists - learning to embrace that which we habitually push away.

  • Expectations versus reality - responding to the moment as it is.

  • The negativity bias - levelling the playing field of positive and negative thinking

  • The three principal emotional zones and how to move between them


Course Includes:

  • Weekly handouts summarising the course content with illustrations of key poses.

"Just finished the 3-week Mindfulness course. Never heard of it before doing yoga with Morven. I was the oldest in class but didn't feel uncomfortable. Iwish we had Mindfulness to learn when I was young."

- Elizabeth, course participant

"Morven expertly guides you through her teaching, whilst giving you the freedom to respond to your own body, and encouraging you to explore what arises."

H.M - Previous student of the 200hr