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Your Yoga Classes

Yoga in Weston-super-Mare!

Our yoga classes take place in-person and online. We have a range of options to suit every body from beginner to yoga teacher. See our class descriptions below to find out which is the class for you. You can view the timetable and book your class on the main classes page here

Beginners Yoga Course
Various Teachers

This unique six week Intro to Yoga course will guide you through the basics of Hatha Yoga yoga in a friendly, small group of up to 10 participants.  Yoga can help you to feel strong, calm and connected in this busy, frazzling world of ours.

The course includes face to face sessions, video/ audio content and weekly handouts. Click here to learn more. 


Intermediate Hatha 
with Morven

An in-depth yoga class for experienced practitioners. 
The focus is on living the experience of being in the body and discovery through movement and stillness.

 This class gives you space to enter into a dialogue with your body, breath and mind. 


Yoga for Calm
with Mary

Life can be a daily challenge. In this donations-based class we will practice yoga and mindfulness techniques which improve mood and ease anxiety. 

Expect gentle stretches, mindful movement and guided relaxation. 


Level 1 Hatha Yoga
with Sally 

Intended for beginners, this class will cover the basics of Hatha yoga and give you an all-round practice. 

You will do yoga poses in all stations (lying, sitting and standing), breath work, short meditations and a guided relaxation at the end.

There is no expectation to be flexible - yoga is for everyone. 


Gentle Yoga 
with Morven 

A friendly, welcoming environment for those who want to move gently.

The focus is on improving joint health, gently strengthening and developing body awareness in a relaxing, supportive setting. 

This class is suitable for people who are affected by cancer.


All-levels Hatha Yoga
with Morven

A holistic Level 1 - 2 yoga practice.

A mindful, moderateley paced practice with creative sequences which refine the body-mind connection.

Exploration of functional movement for physical ease takes you into a meditative state. 

Suitable for people with some experience of yoga. 


Relax Yoga
with Morven and Lucy

A cosy, comfy, restorative online class to end the week. Suitable for beginners. 

Expect yoga nidra (yogic sleep),  guided relaxation and long-held, comfortable poses supported with blankets and other props to release tension from body and mind.