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A message from Ali:

Hi everyone, I’m so looking forward to sharing a live streamed sound bath with you at Morven’s retreat!

As many of you you know, restorative yoga and sound healing have amazing synergy, each deepening the experience of the other. And Santosha is at the heart of this work.The instruments used in the sound bath help slow the brain waves, moving us into expanded states of consciousness where we can access a great river of healing potential within. This experience manifests differently for each person every time, for example pain relief, processing of emotions, less anxiety, more clarity. By simply following the sound we bypass the mind and it’s chatter, beyond what we like and dislike and who we think we are. There is an ‘un-doing’, layer by layer as we drop into a state of deep stillness and contentment; just being.

Using headphones creates an immersive experience where your listening becomes very deep; there is a Samyama (integration) of sound, a meditative absorption. For that reason I recommend using the best quality over ear headphones you can get your hands on for next Sunday (Blue tooth is not recommended).

It’s been so interesting adapting my work to the Corona virus situation, I was unsure if the sounds would translate online but, wow, it’s been a powerful experience and a great learning curve. While you may not be in the room with the vibrations, the benefits of being in your own safe, home space are huge. Many people tell me they’ve found themselves able to go deeper, knowing they won’t bother anyone else if they shuffle around or snore, not having to worry about driving home post-gong and many other personal reasons.

 “I have taken part in Ali’s sound journeys on line over the last three months and they are an incredible experience. Ali is so gentle and holds the space so very well. It is hard to explain the feelings they bring to the surface and the experience is very different each time. It is an incredible treat, “me” indulgence and very relaxing. If you haven't yet tried one you are missing something very special.” Ann, Herts

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