100 hours

Techniques. Asana, pranayama, kriya, bhanda, mantra, mudra, meditation

15 hours

Mindfulness concepts and practice. Mindfulness in daily life and on the mat

22 hours

Applied anatomy and physiology. Learn anatomy in action

18.5 hours

Teaching methodology, sequencing and holding space effectively

25.5 hours

Philosophy, lifestyle and ethics. The yogic path including nutrition and best practices

5 hours

Yoga business. Discuss your business plan and learn how to get started. 

13 hours

Practicum. Teaching peers, small groups and preparing for final teaching assessment

22.5 hours

Assignments. Written assignments including essays and reports. Presentation preparation



Our yoga teacher training course is an in-depth study of holistic Hatha yoga, interwoven with Mindfulness. We give you the detail of asana instruction whilst encompassing all the many other facets of yoga practice.

You are encouraged in our programme to “feel into” the practices for yourself, using general instruction as a guideline for mapping out your own interior landscape. This somatic approach ensures that you will teach from your own embodied experience and with authenticity and accuracy. 

We know that yoga is a huge subject, and that there is only so much you can fit into a foundational training like this one. It's important to us to offer you a first-hand experience of all that yoga has to offer. We provide detailed insights into the application of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, kriya and meditation. You will also learn appropriate adjustments and delve into an experiential and theoretical exploration of the anatomy and physiology of yoga. In addition, we focus on the following, in order to deliver a fully comprehensive course.

View a detailed breakdown of course modules including SYT (senior teacher) contact hours.


Mindfulness is an attitude to life, meditation is the training we do to cultivate this attitude. Taken from the Buddhist worldview, Mindfulness has guided people over millenia to create a peaceful and meaningful life for themselves. The philosophies of yoga and mindfulness are historically intertwined, and an understanding of the Mindfulness model can help to enrich your yoga and your teaching. For many, Mindfulness with its uniquely non-judmental yet compassionate view of reality, is the key to taking yoga off the mat and into the world. You will learn the concepts that underpin the theory, how to practice Mindfulness and to mindfully language and deliver your yoga classes

Course syllabus overview


You will learn to hold space safely and respectfully for your yoga class students and infuse your teaching with the key concepts of yoga philosophy, creating a student-centred environment. You will become familiar with the building blocks of a complete yoga class, and competently sequence classes for all types of students. You will learn appropriate modifications for physical limitations. You will become skilled in adjusting students verbally and physically and be able to gauge the appropriate manner of adjustment/ assist.

The Daily Schedule

8am Morning practice with Morven

9.15am – 9.30 am Check-in

9.30am – 11.30 am Yoga techniques / Mindfulness  

11.30am - 12.30pm Philosophy/ Anatomy and physiology

12.30pm - 1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm – 3.30pm Methodology, Lifestyle and Ethics.

3.30pm - 5pm Technique and practicum. Closing meditation


Ethics is an important aspect of teaching, and we give ample time to discussing possible scenarios and delving into what it means to teach yoga and practice business respectfully and with integrity. You will be given a thorough grounding in teaching etiquette and best practice to equip you to take your teaching into the world.


Every industry has its do's and dont's, its hubs, its networks and its protocol. Our tutors have all been working in the wellness industry for a decade or more and can give you valuable knowledge

about how it works. You will create a rudimentary business plan, either for teaching yoga or incorporating yoga into your work. We also go into making an impact online and how to use social media for business.

Learn how to organise your time and your yoga finances effectively and how to avoid burnout.


Your yoga practice begins in your kitchen! Yoga is a life path and includes many practices for physical and mental health “off the mat”. We will explore what it means to life a yogic life, including yoga nutrition. You will have an introduction to Ayurvedic health, and find out how to adjust your lifestyle according to your own individual constitution.


It is often said that yoga is a practice, not a philosophy. While we emphasise the importance of your own practice and experience, we understand that it is vitally important to understand the broad context of yoga and its roots. Hatha yoga is based on a 5000 year old belief system which upholds and gives meaning to what we practice today. When you understand yoga's concepts and history, the world takes on a new light which you can bring into your peronal practice and your teaching.


We begin teaching practice in the very first weekend. You will first teach a partner, then go on to teach a pose or other practice to the group, building your confidence bit by bit. As part of your final assessment for accreditation, you will co-teach an entire class to a public group. This final practicum will involve 20mins teaching time which will be pre-planned with the rest of your teaching group.

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Total hours contact time

Yoga Alliance Professionals stipulates a total of 180 hours minimum of contact time on this course. We offer you 200 hours of contact time with your tutors, this means that your work on assignments will bring you up to more than 220 hours training. We believe that contact time with tutors is paramount when training to become a yoga teacher, so on this foundational course, we go beyond the minimum to give you the best start.

See a breakdown of the course modules and contact time with your senior yoga teacher (SYT).


You are expected to attend 100% of the course in order to gain final certification. If you cannot make a session, unless it is an emergency you must prearrange your absence and book a make-up session to cover the material you missed. This will be at an extra cost. 


Course structure

9 modules over 9 weekends which will run 8.00 am - 5.00 pm either Friday - Sunday or Saturday -Sunday. See the detailed course syllabus for content of modules.


Learning modalities include presentation, discussion, small group work, peer to peer teaching, final practicum and feedback, interactive exploration of material.


Our learning environment is designed to be as interactive as possible and to nurture all learning styles. We understand that learning flows not just from teacher to student but is facilitated when interest is ignited, and that spark can come from anywhere, including within yourself. Your course tutors are trained teachers and also group facilitators, skilled at eliciting knowledge and enabling peer to peer learning.

Learning modalities will include a range of presentation, self or group study and practice, with occasional sessions with a guest tutor

Assignment examples

6 x class observations and reports

Applied Yoga Philosophy in Everyday Life Diary

Yoga Sutra essay 2000 words and 10 mins presentation

Essay on the Bhagavad Gita 1500 words

Anatomy and physiology inquiry and report

Final written exam

Final teaching practicum (15 mins teaching)


N.B. Please read the above as an example only. Your course assignments may differ slightly.

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You can choose to spread your payments over 6 months. Here's how it works:


Early Birds

If you book before the early bird deadline detailed on the main course page, you will pay a deposit of £600 upon acceptance to the course.

On the 1st day of the month your training starts you will begin paying £300 per month for 6 months. e.g. If your course begins in November, you will pay £300 on the 1st November and continue to pay on the 1st of the month with the final payment being in April the following year.


Full Rate

If you book after the early bird deadline detailed on the main course page, you will pay a deposit of £750 upon acceptance to the course.

On the 1st day of the month your training starts you will begin paying £300 per month for 6 months. e.g. If your course begins in November, you will pay £300 on the 1st November and continue to pay on the 1st of the month with the final payment being in April the following year.


We will close the course with two nights on retreat. Being on a yoga retreat allows you to fully immerse yourself in the contemplative life, away from all of the distractions of daily life. On retreat, you are open to fully integrating the teachings of yoga and forming an embodied understanding of yoga in action. The retreat provides the setting for the close of our journey together, being our final weekend of training.

Food and accommodation will be payable separately and will come to approximately £150.



Weston-super-Mare is a bustling seaside town with a blossoming wellness culture and excellent links to Bristol, London, Birmingham and the South West. Sacred Space Yoga where the yoga teacher training will take place, is situated in the heart of the city, only 10mins walk from the train station.

By train

From Bristol, it's a 20 min train ride from Bristol Temple Meads, 30mins from Taunton or Bath and under 2 hours from London Paddington.

By bus

Weston also has excellent bus links to the whole of North Somerset and South West, with the main bus exchange being only 5 mins walk from Sacred Space Yoga.


There is plenty of reasonable Airbnb accommodation close to the town centre and the beach. With several local guest houses also offering B&B.

Still got questions?

Read this blog post with 200 hour training FAQs.

It goes into details - from how much support you get to what to do at lunchtime 

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Module 1 Techniques. Detailed application of basic Hatha yoga postures, pranayamas and other Hatha yoga practices. Deconstructing poses from all groups e.g. forward bends, back bends, twists, balances, sitting and standing poses. Assists and adjustments. SYT hours 100


Module 2 Practical experience of teaching asana. Adjustments and assists. Begin teaching in partners, then to the group and work up to teaching a public class for your final practicum. SYT hours 8 Self-study and practice 5


Module 3 Applied anatomy and physiology. Study and embodied learning of yoga anatomy and an overview of body systems with reference to yoga practice. SYT hours 6 Non SYT 10 Self study and presentation 10


Module 4 Yoga philosophy in history and in action, with specific reference to seminal yogic texts. The four paths of yoga – bhakti, jnana, raja, karma. SYT hours 15 Self-study and presentation 6 


Module 5 An introduction to Mindfulness. Develop your own practice and weave Mindfulness into your yoga teaching SYT hours 15 Self-study 2


Module 6 Teaching methodology and sequencing. Approaches to teaching and understanding appropriate class progressions for various types of groups. Class management and creating a student-centred environment. SYT hours 18.5


Module 7 Yoga lifestyle and nutrition. The yogic life including cleansing methods and the sattwic (pure) diet. Compare with Ayurveda, yoga's sister science. SYT hours 8 Non SYT 3


Module 8 Yoga business. Learn how to set up your class, nurture links within the yoga community and market your business effectively. SYT hours 3 Non SYT 2 Self study/ group study 4


Module 9 Ethics – consideration of the many facets of maintaining a high standard of ethics in teaching and in business. Best practices when dealing with clients, studios, media, fellow teachers. SYT hours 7.5 

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Morven is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

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